New Van

FUND THE VAN….FILL THE VAN….FEED DULUTH! Union Gospel Mission (UGM) worked with Kolar Automotive Group to procure a new used van. The UGM van is our life line in the ability to being able to run regular routes to collect food items and dry goods donated from various local sources. Our old van was worn out and had become unsafe, creating the need to have it replaced. Many thanks to everyone that participated and helped to make our new van a reality! And to those who filled the van with food!

There is a great need in the Duluth community for the services of UGM. Functioning primarily as a soup kitchen, UGM is the only such service in the city committed to providing multiple hot meals during the week, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner on a varying schedule. Last year the Mission provided over 93,000 hot meals to those in need of them. This year has been challenging due to “the virus”. We continue to serve full, hot meals curbside. We are concerned what the fall and winter months will bring. The demand for our services has not waned and neither has the will of the small staff of employees and volunteers of the UGM!

The Mission also operates a food shelf which is kept filled with the items we are able to collect with the van, and the UGM also has just completed winter clothing and blanket collections and subsequent distribution of hundreds of items to those in need of warm weather gear.